We specialize in helping companies, organizations and individuals to achieve desired business outcomes and results by transforming people’s beliefs and behavior at work, thus maximizing potential.

In this fast moving technology changing world, and despite digital developments people are still the key to success, and as Rich Layton said:-.

Competitors may approximate your products, replicate your services, and even install the same leading-edge technologies that you use, but they cannot duplicate your people. Fact is, that its workforce is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage any business has.

Accordingly, our services are designed to improve the productivity, performance and professionalism of people at all levels, and thus increase results and achieve business objectives.

We do this through Coaching & Mentoring, Consulting, Training & HR Management services in combination with and supported by the following international organizations which we represent in Vietnam:-

AsiaIDA & Assocs which specializes in the design and delivery of a wide range of professional training courses and programs.

      Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions the international leader in HR management services  for the best recruitment, employee development, competency assessment, career planning, teamwork and succession planning systems.


      Sales Coaching Online developed by Bruce King also the best selling author of “How to Double Your Sales”.  A must if you want to increase your sales. 


In addition to the above Patrick Downey our principal advisor has entered into an arrangement with the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF) to collaborate in the provision of conferences, seminars, training workshops and educational offerings including their Certification Modules covering the Asia Pacific Region.