We are pleased as the representatives of Bruce King for Asia and Oceania to announce the launch of the above outstanding program in April 2018. IZONEN is one of the very best services made available for sales training and coaching in many years.

IZONEN can be applied to the total company sales force, or to a sales section or unit, or for any number of individuals within a company's sales force. It provides all the highly professional sales development and support requirements for a sales manager's needs and his or her team. It's not a one off training exercise, it's an annual program which continually develops and tunes selling skills and drives sales.

However, despite his outstanding reputation as a trainer Bruce says that unfortunately most sales training fails, and he explains why as follows:-

Many times a year, I am asked by companies around the world to present my one- day or two day Double Your Sales Master Class to their sales teams. It is an action packed day or two, with the best possible sales coaching, and as a result, many salespeople who put what I teach them into practice, do go on to double their sales, and the companies are always satisfied with the results. But I am not.

I would like to see every single participant increase his or her sales significantly. But I know that a one or two day intensive program is definitely NOT a great way to coach salespeople.

The best, the most effective way to increase sales significantly, is to learn and implement just a little at a time, and ideally just a little every day, and inspire the team to put what they learn into practice. But of course in many cases it's not logistically possible, nor affordable, to hire me or any other reputable sales coach to do that for a company.

That is why we created iZONEN - a unique, online sales coaching methodology with 1:1 support and proven results.

The original iZONEN portal was developed in the Swedish Language and launched in November 2014. It has enjoyed great success with a very small sales team, and sales have increased significantly year on year.

The English language version of iZONEN has now been launched in the UK, and is in the process of being launched in Asia and Oceania. It contains 130 + high impact sales coaching and motivational videos. These are short (maximum 4 minutes), focusing on just one subject at a time. It's bite size learning that sticks. They cover every aspect of the sales process, including:-

Self-Motivation - Prospecting - Referrals - Cold Calling - Voicemail - Networking - Social Media - Communication Skills - Time Management - The Sales Process - Presentation Skills – Handling Objections, Concerns and Stalls - Negotiating Skills & Closing the Sale

There are a host of other features including, but not exclusively: 1:1 online chat and support, downloadable Audio and Text Books, regular weekly newsletter, quarterly webinars.
There are many other unique features which will be demonstrated to you at the appropriate time, and new content will be added regularly.


The following is a brief Bio of Bruce King's career to date, which as a salesman started in the insurance industry.

Bruce will provide all support and sales coaching necessary to enable you to achieve your best possible results from working with iZONEN supported by AsiaIDA Ltd and Business Development Asia Co Ltd the Asian & Oceania representatives.

• Bruce was featured in a leading article by 'The Times' newspaper titled 'King of the UK Salesman.

• Bruce is recognized internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist and has addressed audiences and coached companies sales teams and sales managers in 23 countries.

• Bruce is a highly sought after keynote conference speaker, sales and marketing master class presenter, sales coach, business adviser, and a personal coach.

• Bruce has been hired by The Institute of Directors to present his one-day Sales Master Class titled How To Double Your Sales for 21 years consecutively at the HQ in Pall Mall, London.

• Bruce has authored five international best selling books on sales, marketing and personal growth strategies.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us as per the CONTACT US section.