The world’s leading sporting personnel all get coaching & mentoring, as do most of the successful business leaders.  Similarly, many of the leading books on training, development and setting goals for success advocate this as virtually essential for maximization of potential.

Our service which is provided and delivered with a high degree of confidentiality and integrity can provide the above mentioned important benefits for you and your people.

Our coaching and mentoring is based firstly on many years of extensive international leadership, management and training experience up to CEO and Directorship levels.  This covers 25 years in Asia, and a wide range of industries.  It is also strongly supported by human resource management experience gained from our work with Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS), the international leader in HR assessments.


Additional experience has been gained from our representation of Palladium Group. The Palladium Group was founded by Drs Kaplan & Norton the creators of Balanced Scorecard which in turn provides us with unique strategic planning, implementation and execution capabilities.  These two gentlemen are also recognized as two of the most influential management thinkers in the last 60 years.

We gain considerable satisfaction from working with others to help them maximize their strengths and eliminate or reduce work related shortcomings.  This takes the form of reviewing, analyzing and evaluating situations through the use of experience, knowledge, skills and techniques, and then working together to determine the appropriate and best course of action. 

The benefit of this service being conducted by someone other than a company employee are firstly that it:-

1)      Highlights the professionalism of the service, rather than it being considered as just another internal activity, or an add-on to the performance management system,

while at the same time:-

2)      Recognizing the value of the participant concerned both from an individual and a team member point of view, and very importantly it is motivational as it:-

3)   Demonstrates the organization’s interest in maximizing the participant’s work capabilities and skills.


This service can also be of great assistance when promotions, position changes and relocations take place, and also to assist in overcoming or solving personal challenges or issues having a detrimental effect on work performance.